Monday, December 22, 2008

You can't Break my Heart

You CAN"T Break my Heart

You can't break my heart
cuz I can face that dark

My heart ain't whole any way
It won't break in the light of day

So don't you worry about me
I have stood on the precipice of love
I have fallen from far and above

So just this moment
right now right here
let me look at your eyes for real
let me kiss your lips
let me touch the skin on your face
lets not think of nighttime mistakes

In my world ain't no such thing as buyer's remorse
Changin your mind is ok
You can think of me as an angel of the night
I am gone as it gets light

You can't break my heart
I can face the dark
just give me honesty
And that's enough
Tell me what you think and feel
Tell me only what is real

You can't break my heart
Cause I can face the dark
And before the light of day dawns
I'll be long gone

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