Monday, December 22, 2008

Sweet 16

Sweet 16
Baby is 16
and she is makin a new baby
Grandma will be barely 40
When a new grandma she will be

And the dreams that baby once had
Of lipstick and prom dress gowns
Are turning into diaper pails
And fevers that won't go down

She's like a harkened angel
Sent from god above
Cause she's gives us a pregnant pause
To thank goodnes
For what we are not

But baby still has her dreams and she's thinkin they will come true
despite the vomit and loose shit
and no food for her or her brood

Her man who she thought was such a lover
left when the bundle arrived
There's one dream that's down the drain
Now grandma's got to step in
And make once again give up her life

Why is it always the women left with the evidence of love
Why are the women responsible
for raising next years
Junkies, boozers and thugs?

Cuz it seems like it never changes
When changes in money have to be made

They take it away from babies
Don't matter if they are just 16
Cause they are left responsible for the generation yet to be
They are the ones
with the pregnant pause
But not before it is too late

And the choice is a mighty catch 22
The death of a baby or you?
Do you dream of the Prom and College and a promising life
Or do you dream of screaming in the night?

Children are the future, and the wonder of new life is huge
But why don't we question the captains of the foot ball teams
About the death choices they have made
When they abandoned their lovers for foot ball feilds
Not thinking of the people growing inside?

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