Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bad Days

its gonna be a bad one
deep in this well
of ill content
there is no escape
I am Trapped in the hole
the spiral of my thoughts
I try to stop
but they keep coming back
i try to stop but they keep coming back
I can see my own demise
self destruction is such sweet seduction
so hard to resist
the temptation
to let go
ease the knot in the pit of my stomach
and drop drop drop
cause the walls of this well
are hotter than hell
And I am trapped in my own head
That will explode
or I will implode
With blood sweat and
just sweat it out
i know it will pass
so they say
so i have seen
so i know
but i can't feel the passage of this urge just yet
just the yearn for freedom
the deep dark decent
the ease of the tightening noose
the knot getting lighter
as i poke round
to find her
and plunge the liquid gold
into the fold
all will be eased
all will be fed
an all will be released that is jumbled up in my head

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New February Gig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7:45 pm
Uncle Mikes
57 Murray St NYC 10007