Monday, December 22, 2008

Speak for the child

I am knee deep in the deception
No one wants to make the connection
when mama hurts her baby
and daddy's doin drugs
and siblings are tryin to survive on their own
children are gonna live on loan
They won't care about thier life
cause they are too angry
Momma and daddy have stolen their perception
They don't know what they see
they can't figure out what they are hearing
They funny smell of daddy's bourbon kiss?
They know not what they taste or feel
A scratchy face that kisses a little too long
Questions they ask go unanswered
Leavin these kids drowning in this deception
They throw chairs in place of the Chrysler building
They scream in the middle of the night
They can't sit still in a classroom
They can't bee trapped that long
They can't get their numbers
Yhey don't learn the abc's
They don't read books or play with toys
Cause they live dangerously
Their who what when where why and how's were all stollen
Taken in the night
Their perception was challenged
The world turned upside down
They are an alien
Cryin out their need
But they are talkin in a language
The grownups take no heed
They create the deception
Cause they tell em their perception
Is wrong
Nothing is amiss
Nothing strange has occurred
Its normal for daddy to go into a coma standing up
And for moma to hit her cubs

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