Monday, December 22, 2008

Empty Spaces

These thoughts are hard to say
This rambling mess in my head
is hard to put words on
These words are hard to let outta my mouth
Cause if I do the mess the world calls feelings become real

I love you
Now its real
Yet I don't even know you
Now its real
And yet in my heart I know that I love you
And that is realer than any real I've ever seen before
And I seen a lotta real

Real Hard
Heat on the Streets
Two souls meetin
Geetin it dirty on dirty sheets
Then they leave anonymously
with a wink and nothin more
We all got our stories
wat're yours?

But I can't push too hard
It's real
And laying back and waiting ain't my style
I am not that kind of gal

But pushing will push you away

And I love you
I love you
I love a girl I don't even know
And these feelings are so real

Now my story is real
And I risk having a new story
a love unrequited
desire stuck inside
Like a fire ready to burst

So my cards are on the table
And I know thats not a good way to play the game
I was never very good at games anyway
I am good at to the point and in the box confrontation of defenses
But not at playin games

I love you
I love you
I love you

And I don't even know you

My cards are on the table babe
The whole world can see
I'm sittin at the table
Waitin on ya
its hell this waitin
For the yes or the no
Its hell to sit here waitin with my defenses in a closet
And my naked cards on the table

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