Monday, December 22, 2008

Writin Words

How do writers arrange their words

with such precision and such grace?

How do they get them outta their head

and down to the page

It ain't exact

My words feel so useless against all the others

I can't get them outta my head

and on to the Page

I ain't exact

Can any one tell me

How they can do it

Get these words out in the world

No one hears me

Late at night

The neighbors look

Then shut the light

I guess that's pretty exact

Yeah that's exact

But put me in a bar
way out in the smoky back
give me a bottle of rum or gin
soon I'll be stumblin

That'll be exact

Or give me a shinny new razor blade
I'll make me some red red lines
slash em here and slash em there
you'll hear me fine

That's a point exact

How can I tell you

About this monster eating me alive?

How do words tell you my experience

of a padded cell

With a rat on my head

lying naked before you

me and my demon

I have no defenses

How will words tell you what this feels like

up on my insides

Well it ain't exact

They tell me to talk

talk talk talk talk talk

talk talk talk talk talk and talk some more

for the 50 minute hour

and so I talk I talk and talk and talk I talk talk talk until I bore you

Ah man I just ain't exact

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