Monday, December 22, 2008

The Grand Concourse

why does my life have to hurt so much
Why do I always seem to make a mistake
There is always some small bit of information that I have overlooked

Why is love always eluding me?

I find someone I want
I Jump right in
I Make my move
I'm a god damned shit ass fucking fool
I don't actually look before i jump
I lay my cards right there on the table
Before I gather the pertinent data
So I get hurt a lot
Cause I forget to take silence for no
And I keep asking any way
Without thinking that there might be someone else that i didn't know about

I'm a fool

But the shit don't feel good anymore
and I am not ok
I am just left here reelin
While the shitter rich kids take my home away
They ain't got no dueeeeeees to pay.
So now no love, and no place to call home
I am in a shitter place today.

I know what its like to go from place to place
Singin out my heart
Till i get blue in my face
I know what its like to be 5 feet and 7 full inches tall
With very brown hair and I clearly don't shop in the shopping mall
I have a low down bluesy feel to me
That's written on the paper I send
They was lookin for the 4 foot eleven inch blonde hair soprano
I clearly ain't that ballarina gal shoppin in that shoppin mall

But the people runnin the show get me up at 4 am to come down and wait. I sing two lines of my greatest hit...

Thank you, Next.

Yeah, I know that scene full of rejection and dejection and I hadda give it up before i was dead.

Yeah I paid my fucking dues till show business put my vision of my self right down the New York sewer. I thought a street rat had more of a right to the pursuit of happiness than I did.

I got myself some therapy
And learned about me
And had some terrible flashes of what is in my history
It took a damn long time to work out all the kinks
Now I try to sing my song again
And I am tryin to say it with words

So to cut my costs of livin, I ended up in the end up in the place
where no one wants to go
With left over tampons and leftover phillie blunts left over all over
With heat about half the time and harrassment all of the time
This place is hunger town
Ain't no way out once your in
Too much competition
Anger and confusion
The boulevard holds kids
With names they call each other
sticks and stones will hurt here cause under those are guns and under that is death

And momma and daddy drink coctails on the stoop, with pink lemon aid beer

While uncle willy does his crack dance till he satisfies his dilly dad
Aunt Minnie's stuck on Fordham
She'd doin the herion hang and nodding into traffic She'll wake in about an hour
Withdrawls makin her so sick she'll steal from her best friend or her daughter
To get another 10 dollar bag and start it all again

There are dues to pay every day
And they are always usin force (the [police, the dealers, the treatment programs, and mama and papa too)

On The Grand Concourse

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