Monday, December 22, 2008

Yesterday's Cigarrettes

Smoking Yesterday’s Cigarettes

Smoking yesterday's cigarettes

Sucking all the liquor down too

We combed the carpet for cocaine

Then we sang the blues

We lived in a world so cold and empty

We were both so lonely sitting right there in each other's arms

We were livin in a hungry town

We had no money and we we stood no ground

And all that we could do, yeah honey all that we could do was to

Smoke yesterday's cigarettes

Suck all the liquor down too

I started to cut up my arms

You were singin the blues

But now you have left me

You left this whole damn dimension

You were sick and didn't tell no one

I just looked around one day and you were gone

Now I am stranded on this earth with its gravity

I am horrified you are gone

I am lonely and I miss you

I wonder what we could have wanted for each other

I wonder what we would have said

I wonder if I would have felt your soul

As it left your sick bed?

And baby can I ask you

What did you feel

What was it like for you

When your soul from your body you peeled

Now I have put down my defenses

I ain't smokin no more

I ain't dripped one drop of liquor

I ain't felt steel so fine

All I can do babe

Is feel this pain like a mass

Must be like the tumor that killed you

This empty sad sadness




We smoked yesterday's cigarettes

Sucked all the liquor down too

We combed the carpets for cocaine

Now I'm sayin good bye to you

I am sayin good bye to you.

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