Monday, December 22, 2008

Night of Ecstasy

Night of Ecstasy
If you could know me
I would allow.

If you would take me,
I could offer.

If you'd answer I'd call

Cause I'm all wrapped up in you
I got your smell in my nose
I got your taste on the tip of my tongue
I got your music ringin its melodies and rhythms in my ears
And your eyes won't leave my eyes alone.

I know you don't know me

But don't you worry babe, cause I don't need you next to me
For our nights of ecstasy.
I can imagine you there
I can create you
I can make my skin feel your skin
I can build the beat of your pulse under my finger tips

But my wishin won't stop dilly dallyin in my head you know...
I jump at every ring of the phone, is it you?
I think I see you on the corner waitin for me with flowers.
But its a mirage
cause I'm so parched

Ah Babe I'm used to lonely long nights
I'm used to the ecstacy I create by myself
But in my deepest self I hold you
I run my fingertips over your ribs
playing each one
I sing your song
I move you over to me
And we share this night of ecstasy
Again and again we reach heaven before dawn

And then theres coffee
Our eyes meet and yours are so warm. And I am a little shy.
And the day begins again.
And then the night
the night filled with ecstasy
I fit in you
you in me
we are a perfect we
I know and you know
just where to be
We hit all the right spots
We take each other to the top and explode
Your lips find my lips and they are real lips
not picture lips
Our arms and legs get confused
The positions get out of control
As the explosions and fireworks and tidal waves of ecstasy rain down again and again
Helping us loose control

The whole world stops
Nothing is moving but pulsating blood beating through veins
The colors drown out all the noise
Cause this is perfect

And as we melt away, we drift off with the tide little tremors of leftover butterflies travel deliciously through our bellies.

Ah but I awaken
And you are not by my side
You don't know me
You don't even want to.
You don't answer
Or aknowledge my existence

Oh man these nights of ecstacy I spend all alone
There's room for too
Your invited
Just pick up the phone and dial my number and I will come and find you.

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