Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok, so I am in Memphis TN today and I started traveling at 7am.
I took myself to the airport in my car and parked it in long term parking. Not a big deal to some, but to me, well I never did this before, so new thing...=Big deal. Then a plane ride with not one but two screaming kids, and IT DOESN"T BOTHER ME!! I was really like, ok, they are upset, and I am here, but I am not upset.


And I navigated from the airport in TN to the rats ass hotel in Arkansas (West Memphis) and I am trying to ignore the roach on the floor in the corner, but ok. Its Ho Jos. And I am renting a new Kia that I didn't know was on because it wasn't making any engine noise.

And I have time to write. This is not like travel of days gone by, sleeping at the Sleep-In with 20 other people in the room, and performing on the street. While I may not be making money, I have a room to perform in tonight and I actually spent a shitload of money to be here. Investment in the future, and investment in sanity. And investment in dreams which really is the best investment there is. Dreams. I think from now on I will al ways invest in my dreams cuz really thats all I have thats real.

So here I am living a dream. Traveling musician.

Boy am I scared shitless!

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