Friday, February 20, 2009

Life Lessons
If there was a degree program for Life Lessons......I figure I have a Phd. by now.
So I was traveling right? Now I am not one for attention to details, but this was a pretty BIG one that I missed. I flew out of one airport, where I left my car (remember this is the first time I ever drove myself to the airport) And un beknownst to me, I had booked my return flight to another airport, not close to the departure airport at ALL, with my home in the middle of the two.

So I had to take a cab to the original airport after 2 hour delays...Fun stuff. Good times. Earning my Phd in life. But Is there a reward besides "Well I won't do that again"? cause I probably will do something just as thoughtless in the future.

Like I said, I am not one for details.

But I really hate the process of learning. I like Knowing stuff, but mistakes hurt, especially really expensive ones.


OK, I got there. I got there and thats the point. I don't know how to do showcases, my promo is shit, and I performed horribly for 2 people. But I GOT THERE. And the last time I was on this part of the learning curve, it was street performing in the freezing cold, and I did get better at it till I was pretty good bny the time it was warm enough to count.

So off to an open mic tonight (also gratefully INDOORS)

And perhaps my fingers will go to the correct frets on the guitar like my brain keeps telling them too.

And perhaps I can remember to breathe. I forget that alot. That and to drink water (coffee in this case actually doesn't count, only chlorinated, fluoride filled water will do for proper hydration). PHd. in life.

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