Monday, June 01, 2009

Sometimes, the best you have really ISN'T good enough

Not for those who feel free to judge.

And say what is with out asking what is.

Humbly, I ask,

What is it?

Because I don't know what something is if I don't ask the story teller.

And Even though I don't believe in the bible too much,

Judge not lest yea be judged does come to mind.

And no one really knows why another is doing something.

Why does a person sing?

Why does a person get on a stage and sing in front of people, risking scathing remarks, hurtful snickers, and unjust judgments?

For my own enjoyment? I am told I do this for my own enjoyment. Do I?

I'll have to look into that. I have been working for many many LONG years on treating myself BETTER than I was treated. Not abusing myself because I was abused. Not hurting myself.

So if its for my own enjoyment, well I do enjoy telling the truth. And singing is my truth. My songs might not be your truth, but that doesn't mean that there is not truth in them. And that doesn't mean they are there to be judged.

Buddhism teaches compassion. I do believe that peace real peace comes from deep compassion for self and others.

So I beg all who listen. Have compassion for yourself first. Then when you hear what I say, try to have some compassion for the simple humanity that is in me that needs to sing my song. Really, its my humanity that needs to sing.

And humanity deserves compassion.

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