Friday, June 26, 2009

Not here
I can't touch you
You are not in the earthly body you once inhabited
I don't know where you went
But you are not where you were any more
And I didn't know you were feeling so bad.
Did you go because you decided it was time?
Or were you called?
Or was it done to you?
We who are left won't know the answer, we can only ask the question
The answer died when your physical ability to talk died.
I wish you would have talked first.
But maybe thats not the story at all.
So much of your life is hidden, behind closed doors, locked windows and extra security.
For your own protection too.
I understand that. It had to be that way.
As you tried to erase every part of the daddy who was no daddy, And the childhood that was no childhood.
If you are with the angels now, rest easy in open fields
With no fear of the news
I hope no news can hurt you where you are now

And I hope you are with peace.

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