Monday, December 22, 2008

Ramblin Blues

I gotta walk.

I got me some new shoes

They have soles that haven't been worn.

I crave connection and I get corrections

Can someone say somethin meaningful?

Can someone gimme a hand?

Can someone help me ease this pain

Can someone wash me clean again

Can I dry off in the sun light

Can I have a hand that will hold me tight

and tell me

baby you will be alright.

I'd be willin to walk to you

But You have gotta want me to

I don't wanna plant a seed that ain't gonna grow

So tell me about your soil

will it support this flower

or let it go

I don't wanna plant in cement

I want to get close to you

I want to know you

I want to see you

andI want you to know about me

I want you to see me

I want you to want me

As I think that I want you.

I want you to want to know who I am

I want you to try to read me

I want you to be home to me

and I want to be home to you

I want to take your hand

I want you to take my hand

And we could see if we could understand one another

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